David & Jeanette Parkes
   - California; Nevada; Utah; Colorado; New Mexico; Arizona
   - Illinois; Utah; Idaho; Wyoming; Montana;
     Alberta; British Columbia; Washington
   - Illinois; Minnesota; North Dakota; Montana; Wyoming;
     South Dakota; Nebraska; Colorado
   - New Jersey; Nevada; Utah; Arizona; Colorado; New Mexico;
     Texas; Oklahoma; Arkansas; Missouri; Mississippi; Tennessee
   - Nevada; Arizona; California; Oregon
 Azores Island Hopping: May 2013
 Puglia: May/June 2014
 Iceland: March 2015
 Paris - Roubaix & The Netherlands: April 2016
 Cruise - Rugged & Rural Canada: May 2016
 Iceland: June/July 2016
 Cruise to the Fjords of Norway: August 2016
 France: September 2016
 Florida: October to December 2016
 Cruise to the Canaries: January 2017
 Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands: April/May 2017
 The Way of Saint James: June 2017
 Brittany: July 2017
 Bavaria: September 2017
 Florida, Charleston and Savannah: October to December 2017
 The Essence of Japan: April/May 2018
 Russian River Cruise - Moscow to Saint Petersburg: July 2018
 Brittany: August 2018
 Florida: October to December 2018
 Lanzarote: February 2019
 In the Footsteps of David Livingstone: June 2019
 Brittany: July 2019
 East Devon & South Dorset: September 2019
 Florida: October to December 2019
 Lanzarote: February 2020
 Cricket St. Thomas & Baddesley Clinton: September 2020
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