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Azores Island Hopping: May 2013 
Our next stop in Furnas is the Terra Nostra  Gardens - landscaped gardens surrounding a large thermal pool. In Furnas village there are more thermal features and a number of natural springs
A beautifully decorated bus stop provides a comfortable resting place,
but a taste of one of the twenty-two mineral waters that spout out of the ground in Furnas proves unpleasant
The tour route provides views of the typical scenery of Sao Miguel as we journey to the village of Povoacao
Povoacao was the first settlement on Sao Miguel, a fact commemorated by an arch in the harbour of this pretty village with its decorative paving that is typical of the Azores. The village produces a delicious cake called fofu, which we sample with a cup of coffee
Today's lunch is at the village of Nordeste, but on the way we visit the gardens at Ponta do Socorso, which are located in a lovely setting overlooking the sea 
The Restaurante Tronqueira provides a lunch based on pork and rice with a side salad, followed by a cream mousse. Wine and coffee are included, and the servings are so generous that we have to restrict ourselves to modest helpings at the hotel's evening buffet
Our first venue after lunch is the Parc Natural da Ribeira dos Calderas,
the location of a working flour mill in a pretty valley (right)