Holiday Images
Iceland: March 2015
Landakotskirkja - the Cathedral of Christ the King
Domkirkjan - Reykjavik's Lutheran Cathedral
The Black Cone Monument to Civil Disobedience that commemorates the protests that followed Iceland's banking collapse in 2008
Harpa - Reykjavik's Concert Hall and Conference Centre; its structure consists of a steel framework clad with geometric shaped glass panels of different colours. Here we see a 30-minute film that shows the best scenic aspects of Iceland
The last chip
City Hall is located on a small lake named Tjornin
Jeanette with the 'Unknown Official'
The frozen Lake Tjornin
The Aurora Borealis display on the night of March 17th
Our pre-booked coach tour to see the Northern Lights commences with the bus picking us up outside the apartment at 8:30pm. We are transported to the utter darkness of an area called Hakid in the Pingvellir National Park where we are privileged to be able to experience (thanks to the clear sky) a display that the guide rates as a "9 out of 10" - but it is difficult to believe that it could ever be better than the amazing spectacle that unfolds above us