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In the Footsteps of David Livingstone: June 2019
June 7th and June 8th: after a SAGA taxi takes us to the comfortable Business Class lounge at Heathrow Airport, we fly with Ethiopian Airways to Addis Ababa (7 hours; 8 minutes) and then to Victoria Falls (3 hours; 55 minutes), with a 2-hour stopover in Addis Ababa.
June 9th: a guided tour of the 1.7-kilometre wide Victoria Falls takes us along the very wet trail that follows the rim on the Zimbabwe side of the falls.
David Livingstone "discovered" the Victorian Falls on November 16th 1855.
After exploring the falls, we return to the hotel for a talk
on the life of Doctor David Livingstone.
Each day at 1pm, African White-Backed Vultures gather to scavenge on the bones etc discarded by the hotel. The vultures are accompanied by the very large Marabou Stork (left).
Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.
The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.
The entrance to the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is well guarded.
June 10th: using the hotel's shuttle bus, we independently visit the town of Victoria Falls and the 1904 Victoria Falls Hotel - one of the world's classic luxury hotels.
The final excursion of the day is a 'Sundowner' cruise on the Zambezi River
(Safari Number 1), where there are excellent views of several hippos.